The best insurance solutions since 1973

FINGEA is one of Italy’s longest standing insurance brokers.

The insurance broker, a consolidated professional tradition in the UK, US and in industrialised nations generally, was almost unknown in Italy when FINGEA’s forward-thinking founder, the entrepreneur Luigi Russo, set up the brokerage in April 1973.
FINGEA grew rapidly in a period in which the role of broker underwent profound changes – regulated by statute only eleven years later with Law 792 of 21/11/1984 - passing from simple intermediary to a sophisticated professional activity comprising technical insurance and legal elements.

FINGEA’s professionality and ethical integrity has long won the trust of both clients and the insurers with which we operate.

Specialists in Corporate & Professional Liability

Our Services

Professional Insurance

Specialists for over fifteen years in safeguarding Financial and Legal professionals, Accountants and Corporate Auditors as well as Certifiers and Business Consultants…

Financial Lines Insurance

Specialists in D&O insurance, civil liability for Directors, Officers, Oversight Boards and other corporate roles…

Yacht Insurance

Since 1973, we have been offering and refining Yacht insurance solutions that guarantee cover in line with the needs of Yacht owners…


FINGEA – Insurance Broker since 1973
Authorised to conduct insurance brokerage under law 792 of 24-11-84 Reg. N. 0105/S
Registro Unico degli Intermediari Assicurativi e Riassicurativi (RUI) Sezione B-Broker n° B00015941313